We Guarantee Our Measurements

Many people have an idea on what they want their treatments to look like.  But sometimes based on the type of treatment and window opening it won’t turn out quite the way they envision.  We can help you understand the various options for your window treatments before you order, so call us first

Not all treatments are measured the same way plus there are many factors to take into account when measuring. Factors like:

  • Do you have enough depth for an inside mount?
  • If doing a outside mount do you just measure trim to trim or add some for overlap? How high above my window do I measure?
  • What are your options if your forced to do an outside mount but don’t want to cover up your trim?
  • What is the best way to deal with crank handles, screen locks, hard to reach windows or transoms?
  • How about those hard to deal with, yet attractive angled or curved windows.
  • Your going to want to know if you can still remove your screen.
  • Can the cords be on the left or right. What are my cord options?

Having us measure your windows is kind of like an insurance policy because we guarantee all our measurements that we install. So if a mistake is made we will correct it at our expense.

Don’t take anything for granted, we’ve been doing this a long and have fixed many self-installations that didn’t go quite like the owner expected, don’t let that happen to you.

We can help, call Robert at 847-845-1156 or fill out our contact form